LogIC is a powerful and flexible solution beneficial to different types of organizations, LogIC enables them to capture and exploit all the relevant data.


LogIC is a flexible and easy to use platform: educational programs of any format can be dematerialized. Interactions between students and teachers are enhanced while the school’s vision and pedagogical concepts are reinforced.

  • Record educational activities: practical experience, feedbacks, formative assessments or personal observations
  • Promote a reflective approach and empower students in their own progression towards learning objectives
  • Involve instructors in every training step, strengthening mentoring and dialogue with students
application gestion données hôpitaux


LogIC is able to gather data from various sources. In hospital settings, it has proven its value by ensuring a better alignment between two ever-changing realities: competences available and real cases. LogIC is a powerful managerial assistant allowing superviors to oversee a large variety of complex processes in real-time.

LogIC helps hospitals to:

  • Follow integration programs for newcomers, ensure appropriate skills are acquired i.e. in handling new equipment, monitor trainings
  • Optimize traceability and security checks
  • Exploit data in real time to allocate resources, support continuous quality improvement or risk management actions
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LogIC’s flexible structure can tackle a variety of issues in an organization. Configuration is easy and ergonomic, and can be directly set up by you or with the help of Reallience. LogIC will capture the data you have defined as relevant.

LogIC offers solutions in the following fields:

  • Human resources: skills acquisition and retention, employee assessments, forecast management of jobs, monitoring of trainings
  • Production: management assistance, developments monitoring, security controls, activity checklists
  • Maintenance: traceability of operations; malfunctions identification
  • Quality and security management: reporting, work processes support, incident and non-conformities handling

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