About The LogIC platform is designed to help monitor performance and manage risk when executing complex activities. Its ergonomic and intuitive interface allows users to easily record their activities, follow their progress and qualifications. In addition, it is a powerful tool in tasks related to security and control.

Manage risks in medical settings

Designed to manage training processes

Initially developed in the intensive care unit of the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG), LogIC became the first electronic portfolio for postgraduate training in ICU medicine in Switzerland. It is used to map out the range of existing skills, follow the acquisition of new know-how and better align training programs with real activities.

Today, LogIC is the first electronic portfolio to meet regulatory requirements for medical studies in Switzerland. Configured for the Faculty of Medicine and Biology at the University of Lausanne (UNIL), it is used to oversee the practical training of future doctors.

Multiple uses

Managers also rapidly perceived the power of LogIC to strengthen the resilience of complex organizations. When dealing with diverse and ever-changing activities and competences, it is essential to be able to identify who can do what.

LogIC is a versatile tool compliant with many other high-risk environments where human activities are at the core of performance and safety. Depending on the organization’s needs, Reallience’s team offers workflow analysis and the initial or ongoing set up of the platform.

The Founders