Manage your organization’s data on the LogIC platform create and use forms, processes, performance indicators and activity reports.

Record activities

LogIC is intuitive to use and offers ergonomically designed forms. It is accessible from all sorts of devices. Users can record in real-time their activities and have access to constantly updated information, with minimal administrative burden.

Create forms

Forms are created very simply, with no coding knowledge. Centralized and organized on the platform, forms can be modified, updated and approved in a traceable and transparent manner.

Manage teams

A central portal allows administrators to add and delete user profiles, grant access rights and manage user roles in the organization with just a few clicks.


The interactions between forms and the use of approval cycles ensure accurate security controls and competence tracking.

Manage activities

Managers can aggregate, sort and rank data to generate tailored activity reports. Exports are simply generated in .csv, .xml or .pdf format.

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